Municipal Budget

Municipality of East Hants Council has approved the general operating budget and 2021/2022 business plans, the five-year capital budget, and the three-year East Hants Water Utility operating budget.

The 2021/2022 overall municipal operating budget is $34 million.

Together, these budgets will move forward the priorities set by Council in the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan and the next strategic plan that is currently being drafted. The budgets support the work that the Municipality does to focus on renewing aging infrastructure to spur growth, enhance relationships with the public through open, fair and transparent communications, build a strong community where people feel connected in a place they can thrive, and stimulate a competitive economy that fosters entrepreneurship, stimulates opportunity, creates jobs and enhances the community’s attractiveness.

The municipality’s budget determines how much money the municipality will bring in and spend within a year. It determines the level of service provided to East Hants residents and guides decisions on spending.


Budget Documents