A white sign with black text reads Private Road


Sign regulations under the Land Use Bylaw apply to all new and existing signs. Sign regulations must be met and a permit is required from the Municipality, unless the sign is otherwise permitted without a permit.

  • Application Fee: $50
  • Site Plan which shows the location of the proposed sign in relation to property lines, buildings, curb and sidewalks, streets or travel ways, landscaped areas, parking, driveways, or other significant setbacks
  • Elevation drawings of the sign, drawn to scale, showing the graphic design and construction materials and message on the proposed sign.
  • If applicable, approval from Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
  • Duration of the sign placement

These signs do not need a permit but still must meet by-law regulations

  • Signs identifying the name and address of a resident
  • No Trespassing signs
  • Signs denoting on-site traffic, movement, parking, or other signs denoting the direction or function of various parts of a building or premises.
  • Signs erected by a government body, or under the direction of such a body
  • Any pennant or insignia of any government or of any  religious, charitable, or fraternal organization
  • Signs incidental to residential construction
  • Real estate signs such as “for sale” or “for rent”
  • Memorial signs, heritage signs, commemorative plaques or tablets
  • Sandwich board signs

For full details of signs not requiring a development permit please refer to section 4.8 of the Land Use By-law.

Please consult the Civic Addressing Bylaw for the rules and regulations pertaining to the naming/renaming of public streets and private roads in East Hants.

Contact the Development Officer at 902-883-3387 or planning@easthants.ca to discuss the details of your sign and to apply for a development permit.

Civic Addressing

In accordance with the Municipality of East Hants Civic Addressing Bylaw, all dwellings and businesses must have their blue and white civic number signs posted. Vacant properties are not issued civic numbers. A clearly visible civic number can help Police, Fire and Ambulance services find your address in an emergency.

In the Corridor: You can order civic signs though the Enfield Volunteer Fire department. Contact mycivicaddress@gmail.com.

Outside the Corridor: Volunteer fire departments for Gore, Maitland, Noel, Uniacke and Walton can also take orders.

Fees vary depending on the fire department.

Signs must be posted 2.4 to 3.5 metres (8 to 12 feet) from the road and 1.4 metres (48 inches) above ground level displaying both sides of the blue and white reflective civic sign.

Signs should be posted on your property and not on your mailbox, as not all mailboxes are near the property they serve. Posting your civic number sign correctly ensures that emergency vehicles can respond to an emergency in a timely fashion.

The owner of a lot on which a building is located must post and maintain their assigned civic number:

  1. Posted in a location on the same side of the road as the use for which the civic number was assigned and in a manner so that can be clearly seen from at least 10 metres (32.8 feet) in both directions.
  2. Placed perpendicular to the street or private road upon which the lot or building is created.
  3. In standard Arabic numerals (0-9), placed left-to-right and horizontally oriented.
  4. The bottom of the numerals shall be posted a minimum of 1.2 metres (48 inches) above grade.
  5. The colour of the numerals shall be white on a reflective blue background.
  6. No signs shall be posted which could be confused with the civic number.
  7. The civic number shall be posted on a dedicated vertically mounted post at a distance from 2.4m – 3.5m (8-12 feet) from the closest edge of the travelled portion of the street or private road.

A notice will be sent to you to undertake remedial action, or if compliance does not occur within 14 days, the Municipality may undertake the work the owner’s expense.

For more information on civic addressing, please contact the Planning & Development Department at 902-883-3387 or planning@easthants.ca.