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Work in East Hants

East Hants has employment opportunities in many sectors. The main areas of work are: trades, transport, equipment operators, sales, service and business, finance and administration. Browse the information below to learn more about working in East Hants.

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To assist with job searches and career counselling you can reach out to the following supports:

Nova Scotia Works
15 Commerce Court, Elmsdale

These websites post job vacancies. Here are some that may help in your search for work:

Many jobs in Nova Scotia require a license or certificate of qualification. These professions are regulated to protect the public. To work in a regulated profession or trade, the worker must obtain a license or a certificate of qualification from the appropriate regulatory (licensing) body. Regulatory bodies may have an overarching national association, but licensing requirements are usually provincially based.

As of 2023, 84 occupations across 20 trades are regulated in Nova Scotia. Visit Nova Scotia Labour, Skills and Immigration for a full list of regulatory bodies.

In Nova Scotia, the Labour Standards Code gives employees who qualify six holidays with pay. The statutory holidays are:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Nova Scotia Heritage Day
  • Good Friday
  • Canada DayLabour Day
  • Christmas Day

Please visit Nova Scotia’s Labour Standards or call 1-888-315-0110 for more information on pay eligibility and exemptions to labour standards.

There is a growing demand for qualified healthcare workers, especially family physicians, in Nova Scotia. Through
Nova Scotia Health, the province is actively working on a recruitment strategy. Physician and nurse recruitment is important to all Nova Scotians, and we look forward to welcoming new healthcare workers to our communities. The majority of East Hants falls within Nova Scotia Health’s Northern Zone. However, some East Hants communities, like Mount Uniacke and parts of Enfield, are in the Nova Scotia Health’s Central Zone. Locally, we have medical clinics located in Elmsdale, Kennetcook and Shubenacadie. Some of these clinics have collaborative family-practice teams, which are becoming popular throughout the province.

For more information on practicing medicine in East Hants, visit easthants.ca/practice-medicine to download our Physician Recruitment Guide.

The Municipality of East Hants is here to answer your questions and help you make connections.

84 occupations across 20 trades are
regulated in Nova Scotia.