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Dwelling Units

Accessory Dwelling Units are permitted on residentially zoned lands, accessory to a single detached dwelling, as long as minimum lot requirements are met and subject to the provisions of the Land Use Bylaw and National Building Code.

Fees Waived for Accessory Dwelling Units

As an incentive to build more housing, East Hants Council has waived building permit fees for accessory dwelling units for the next three years! Infrastructure fees will still apply.

For further information on the new fee incentive, please contact our Planning and Development Department or call 902-883-3387.

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Types of Accessory Dwelling Units

Secondary Suite

A self-contained accessory dwelling unit fully contained within and subordinate to a single unit dwelling.

Garage Suite

An accessory dwelling unit built above a detached garage and located behind the primary single unit dwelling.

Garden Suite

A free-standing, single-story accessory dwelling unit located behind the primary single unit dwelling.