Seats in East Hants Council Chambers

Council Members

The Municipal Council of East Hants consists of Warden Eleanor Roulston and 10 other Councillors who represent each of the Municipality’s 11 Districts. The Council is the governing and legislative body for the Municipality.

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Council FAQs

Council is responsible for making policy and high level governance decisions about the Municipality. They adopt strategies and budgets and pass bylaws and policy. Administration carries out projects, programs and services in accordance with the wishes of Council.

Council members are representatives of the communities they serve. They are in-tune with the community’s needs and make decisions in the best interest of all of East Hants. Council members are a point of contact for community members to express issues, opinions, concerns and ideas on how the community operates.

Each Councillor has one vote as part of an 11 member Council. The majority vote, decides on what the community will look like and what projects are approved.

The responsibility and authority of Municipalities is set out in the  Municipal Government Act.


Councillors are paid every two weeks dependent on the distance they are located from the Municipal Offices.

For more details, refer to: Council Remuneration and Travel Reimbursement Policy 

Councillors can expect to be involved in votes that set annual budgets- both operating and capital. They also adopt strategy on a wide range of things including planning and land zoning, economic development, recreation assets and programming. Council is also responsible for Municipal Bylaws and gives the CAO direction on how to administer the Municipality through policy adoption and direction.

Council approves the Water Utility Budget, however the water rates are set by the Utility and Review Board by application.

All of Council sits on the Executive Committee that meets for a full day each month and attends one evening Council meeting per month. During budget discussions at the start of each year, additional evening meetings are added to the calendar.

There are a few other external and internal committees that Councillors may sit on which meet as determined by the committee.