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Planning & Development Fees

Browse the information below to view Planning & Development Fees.

Please Note: Fees are accepted in cash, cheque, credit and debit.

Application Admin Fee Other Fee
Rezoning Major* application fee $750, non-commercial and non-multi unit residential $200, all other applications $500 $750 deposit
MPS Amendment Major* Application $750, non-commercial and non-multi unit residential $200, all other applications $500 $1,000 deposit
Development Agreement** Major* application $750, non-commercial and non-multi unit residential $200, all other applications $500 $750 deposit
Discharge Development Agreement The cost of registering agreement with Land Registration Office
Unsubstantial Amendment to Development Agreement $100 $300 deposit

* Major application is defined as: Industrial commercial or Institutional Proposals Building footprint greater than 15,000 square feet; Multiple Unit Dwellings and Townhouses over 50 units; and proposals involving NCDD or CDD land.

** Substantial amendment to a Development Agreement will be charged at the rates for a new application. If within three years of Council approving a Development Agreement, an application is required due to the original agreement expiring, the admin fee will be 50% of the full application fee. The proposal needs to be substantially the same as the original Deveopment Agreement proposal.

Additional fees may be assessed at the close of an application to cover required advertising.

Permit Admin. Fee Other Fee
Building Permit**** $125 admin. fee+ $0.10/sq. ft.
Building permit for commercial industrial less than 2500 sq. ft $300 admin. fee+ $0.14/sq. ft.
Building permit for commercial industrial 2500 – less than 10 000 sq. ft $500 admin. fee+ $0.14/sq. ft.
Building permit for commercial industrial 10 000 – less than 49 000 sq. ft $2500 admin. fee+ $0.14/sq. ft.
Building permit for commercial industrial 49 000 sq. ft or larger $5000 admin. fee+ $0.14/sq. ft.
Shed/ shell warehouses/garages/barns and other farm buildings $75 admin. fee+ $0.04/sq. ft.
Residential alterations or repairs $25 Admin. fee+ $5/$1000 of construction value
Commercial industrial alterations or repairs $100 Admin. fee+ $10/$1000 of construction value
Occupancy Permit $50 per unit N/A
Demolition Permit $25 N/A
Outdoor residential decks/verandas/stairs/barrier-free ramps $25 N/A
Pool Permit $25 N/A
Unavailable or not prepared for inspection upon arrival of building inspector $50/occasion N/A
Permit Renewal $25 N/A

**** Includes unfinished basement for residential buildings, community centres and churches.

Connection Fees
$500 per dwelling; $250 for each additional unit on same property.
$50 for each plumbing fixture in non-residential properties.
For mixed use properties: $250 for each dwelling unit plus $50 per plumbing fixture for non-residential units.

Permit/Application Fee
Development Permit $100
Site Plan Application $50
Application for variance to the Land Use
Application for Signage Permit $50
Application for Special Event Permit $100
Zoning Confirmation Letter Zoned area $75, Unzoned area $25

Application Fee
Preliminary $100
Tentative $50 per lot
Final Plan $100

A fire inspection requested by property owner/agent which is beyond the scope of the fire inspection schedule or not required for other regulatory approvals (eg. liquor licence)

Fee: $50

Copy Request Fee
Copies of maps $10 small and $25 large
Copy of East Hants Official Community Plan $125 copy with maps, $25 black/white – no maps
Copy of Subdivision Plans $25 if using plotter printer
Copy of Municipal documents over 75 pages in length $25

Charges apply to central serviced areas within the Municipality. Infrastructure charges are applied to lands within the South Corridor and Commercial Growth Management Area and the Shubenacadie Growth Management Area for water and wastewater service and within the Milford Growth Management Area for wastewater service only.

For R1 lots, infrastructure charges of $3,000 for water service and $3,000 for wastewater service are charged.

For other uses, including multi-unit residential, commercial lodging; food and beverage service; office; retail/wholesale; industrial; institutional; and water intensive buildings please refer to the Municipality of East Hants Infrastructure Charges Bylaw.

In addition to infrastructure charges, a sewer hookup fee is assessed to properties on central sewer services as follows:
First connection – $500
Additional connections – $250 each

  • In instances where a Public Information Meeting (PIM) and public hearing is cancelled at a late date by no fault of the applicant or the Municipality, the cost of cancelling and rescheduling a new PIM and/or public hearing shall be split equally between the applicant and the Municipality.
  • Building Permit fee refund provisions:
    1. Permit revoked or abandoned before work commenced: administration fee retained, remaining balance refunded.
    2. Permit revoked or abandoned after work commenced: no refund.
    3. In instances where special circumstances such as death in the family, sickness, loss of employment or other form of substantial personal/financial hardship: full refund of all building permit fees (including administration fee) upon written request up to two (2) years after the date the permit was issued if the hardship or special circumstance occurred while the permit was valid;
  • Non-profit organizations that are carrying out work for the benefit of that organization, be exempt from paying Planning and Development permit and application fees (except the planning deposit fees). This exemption would extend to the cost of the permit and application only and would not include other costs such as sewer hook-ups, infrastructure fees, etc.
  • That non-profit organizations be exempted from paying the cost of a zoning confirmation letter.