Member of fire service using radio at top of aerial ladder

Emergency Services

In the event of a State of Emergency or Local State of Emergency, East Hants works with emergency responders and other government agencies through the East Hants Emergency Management Organization. Its purpose is to protect the lives of people, reduce the chances of damage to property, and reduce the loss of essential services in East Hants at the time of an emergency.

Non-Emergency Contact Information

In an emergency, please call 911 if there is a threat to public safety.

Enfield Detachment

Rawdon Detachment

Mount Uniacke Satellite Office

Emergency Management Organization (EMO)

The Plan looks at prevention, preparation, response and recovery efforts that would be required in the event of an emergency or disaster. The Emergency Management Plan  includes an active Emergency Management Committee, Bylaw P-200 Emergency Management Bylaw, a fully equipped Emergency Coordination Centre and trained Incident Command System (ICS) staff.

Operational updates will be provided on this page and on Municipal social media accounts during a storm event.

Storm Centre

Vibrant and sustainable communities are where people feel a sense of pride and safety. Volunteer firefighters provide a very valuable service to our communities to ensure our safety by answering emergency calls. Many of our volunteers work in our communities and without the support of our business community the delivery of volunteer fire and emergency services might not be sustainable. In 2018/2019, a new policy was introduced to recognize those businesses that allow volunteer firefighters to leave work in order to answer calls. It also provides an opportunity to recognize those businesses that provide financial support or donations of supplies and/or materials that aid in the delivery of fire and emergency services.

Our EMO Planning Committee meets on a quarterly basis throughout the year. At our meetings, we focus on contingency planning. This involves thinking about what kinds of emergencies could happen in East Hants, and figuring out who would have to do what to minimize the impact. We also continually review our emergency plan to make updates and improvements.

Kelly Ash is the Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) for East Hants. The EMC’s job is to liaise with EMO Nova Scotia and conduct training throughout the Municipality.

Contact: 902-883-7098 ext. 125

The role of the Municipality of East Hants in Emergency Management is to prepare for, respond to, mitigate and recover from significant natural and human disaster events.

In the situation of a major flooding incident of the Shubenacadie River, residents should call 911 if stranded and in need of help for immediate survival. The Municipality will support first responders in this situation through appropriate action such as: establishment of a coordination centre, the opening of comfort centres/shelters and obtaining necessary resources.

The Municipality also works to provide information to property owners to enable better decision making with respect to their own properties.  In planned areas within the municipality, there is established zoning which restricts development within the designated flood zone. This applies to building applications for new development and does not apply to buildings constructed before regulation was put in place.

The ultimate fiscal responsibility of flooding impacts on personal property is with the property owner. It is important for every property owner to research the historic impacts of flooding near their own property and find ways to mitigate those risks. That can be done through insurance policies, increasing the elevation of their property, or the establishment of protective barriers such as dykes.

There are some circumstances where the Municipality would facilitate mitigation work on stormwater related infrastructure or partially fund it. This is described in the Municipal Storm Drainage Policy that was established in 2007.