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Information about available commercial properties and buildings in East Hants and business parks.

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    Business Parks

    Learn more about the features and advantages of the three business parks in East Hants.

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    Elmsdale Business Park

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    the highways and buildings located at the milford industrial park

    Milford Industrial Park

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    Uniacke Business Park

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    Purchasing a municipally owned business park lot

    Purchasing a business park lot from East Hants involves five steps:

    Review available lots above to help you decide which location meets your business needs. You can select a lot to purchase from one of our two municipal business parks in Elmsdale and Mount Uniacke. You can also purchase lots from private land owners in the Milford Industrial Park.

    You can read and print the terms and conditions summary here. These terms and conditions only apply to lots purchased from the Municipality of East Hants in the Elmsdale Business Park or the Uniacke Business Park. These terms and conditions are part of the Purchase and Sale Agreement and the Buyback and Right of First Refusal agreement when you purchase a lot from the Municipality.

    You can print an application form from here. You must fill out the application form and submit it to us with a down deposit at the Lloyd E. Matheson Building (215 Commerce Court, Elmsdale, Nova Scotia). The down deposit must be in the amount of 10% of the lot purchase price. The down deposit must be a certified cheque, we cannot accept credit cards or cash. The amount you provide to us as a down deposit will be credited to your lot purchase price at the time the purchase is completed.

    Read our standard agreement of purchase and sale and our standard buyback and right of first refusal agreement. We will draft a Purchase and Sale Agreement and a Buyback and Right of First Refusal Agreement that is specific to your lot purchase. We will also help you pick a date on which the purchase will be completed. This date will be put in the agreements and is called the closing date. You can then review the agreements with your legal council, sign them, and return them to us. During this time we will not sell the lot you have selected to anyone else.

    You can now purchase the lot. On the closing date you must pay the balance of the lot purchase price. When the purchase is complete the lot will be under your ownership.