yellow swimming pool ring floats in blue water.

Swimming Pools

A Development Permit is required in all areas of the Municipality for a swimming pool.  A building permit is required for decks around the poolside and attached to the main dwelling.

There are no regulations that require fencing around swimming pools. Homeowners are encouraged to check with their insurance providers.

Within the Land Use Bylaw, swimming pools are considered accessory structures and shall not be located within eight (8) feet (2.4 m) of any property line.

Outdoor swimming pools shall be permitted within the front yard of a lot in R1, R2, RU, RU-2, CR, and LR and AR zones where there is no Municipally approved central piped services available or where it is otherwise permitted in the Land Use By-law. Front yard setbacks meet the same requirements as main buildings established in the Land Use Bylaw.

It has been estimated that over 80% of drowning can be prevented and prevention is the key management initiative (World Congress on Drowning).  This information is intended to advise in the prevention of accidental drowning in home swimming pools.

There are some measures the home owner can take to help prevent accidental drowning.  For domestic pools, barriers such as fences or walls will prevent some drowning by preventing a child from entering a pool area unsupervised or may delay their entry long enough for the care giver to realize they are missing.

  • Isolation fencing around the outdoor pool which separates the pool from the remainder of the yard and house;
  • A barrier fence or wall at least 4ft high;
  • Fence slats that are no more than 1.5 inches apart;
  • The fence or wall should have no hand or footholds that could enable a young child to climb;
  • Gates should be self closing and self latching;
  • Gates should be kept closed and locked at all times when the pool is not in use;
  • For an above ground pool any ladders should be secured and locked to prevent access when the pool is not in use; and
  • Also consider additional barriers such as automatic door locks or alarms to prevent access or notify you if someone enters the pool area.