Business Plan & Operating Budget

To support Council’s Strategic Plan, East Hants prepares annual business plans and budget documents.

The 2021/2022 Operating Budget provides detailed information on property assessments and year over year variances in the cost of municipal programs, services and revenues. It outlines information on tax burden, tax rates, area rates, provincial transfers, protective services (RCMP and Fire) and municipal reserves.

The 2021/2022 Business Plans outlines the priority initiatives and department budgets for the six municipal departments and municipal Council.


Archived Operating Budgets:

2020-2021 Operating Budget

2019-2020 Operating Budget

2018-2019 Operating Budget

2017 2018 Operating Budget

2016-2017 Operating Budget

2015-2016 Operating budget

2014-2015 Operating Budget


Archived Business Plans:

2020-2021 Operational Business Plans

2019-2020 Operational Business Plan

2018-2019 Operational Business Plan

2017-2018 Operational Business Plan

2016-2017 Business Plan

2015-2016 Business Plan

2014-2015 Business Plan

Council typically begins deliberation on the Operating Budget and Business Plan in January each year. Like our Facebook page or visit the Council Calendar to stay up to date on Budget news.