Financial Information

East Hants reports on corporate performance and finance in a variety of ways each year.  Annual publications include: Municipal & Water Utility Operating Budgets; Department Business Plans; 5 Year Capital Budget (Municipal & Water Utility Combined); and the Treasurer’s Report supported by our Consolidated Financial Statements.  The Municipality is also responsible for various forms of reporting to the Federal and Provincial Governments; financial reporting to the Province is translated into and published as a Financial Condition Index for the Municipality.

Current and prior year reports and information are available below.


Business Plan & Operating Budget

To support Council’s Strategic Plan, East Hants prepares annual business plans and budget documents. The 2018-2019 Operating Budget provides detailed information on property assessments and year over year variances in the… Full story

Capital Budget

2018-2022 Capital Budget The  provides detailed information on the five year capital plan for the Municipality. Archived Capital Budgets: 2017-2021 Capital Budget 2016-2020 Capital Budget 2015-2019 Capital Budget 2014-2018 Capital Budget… Full story

Annual Report

The Annual Report includes a strategic review of Municipal operations and the Treasurer’s Report. It is a comprehensive report on the year passed and includes the Consolidated Financial Statements for… Full story

Financial Condition Indicators

The Financial Condition Indicators (FCI) is a tool to help municipal councils and the public make sense of municipal financial information as well as help identify challenging financial situations for… Full story

Water Utility Budget

The East Hants Water Utility budget is set in accordance with the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board Water Utility Accounting & Reporting Handbook. 2018-2019 East Hants Water Utility Operating… Full story