Tourism Grants

The East Hants Tourism Grant Program supports non-profit tourism operators each year. This annual funding is available to non-profit community-based organizations whose purpose is to operate a tourism attraction or facility, and whose focus is on attracting visitors from the local, regional, national and international markets.

Tourism Grant Applications are accepted on an annual basis. Applications for each calendar year are accepted by February 28, and successful applicants receive funding by the start of each summer. Successful applicants are also required to submit a final report by November 15 each year. Applicants should contact Aurora Douthwright, Tourism & Events Supervisor via email or by phone at 902-883-6239 to discuss their project prior to completing the application.

Eligibility: See Tourism Grant Policy for details. Applications are assessed on their merit and need. Applications received after February 28 each year may be considered if funds are still available.

The objectives of the Tourism Grant Program are to:

  1. Build and foster relationships with non-profit community based organizations.
  2. Provide funding to non-profit community based organizations to assist with projects related to creating programming, experiences, or products which align with the municipal or provincial tourism strategy and which can reasonably be expected to provide value to visitors and enhance the overall visitor experience. The applicant must identify the specific benefit(s) and outcome(s) that demonstrate this strategic alignment.
  3. Provide single-year financial support that assists with development of new products or experiences, with projects related to improvements to visitor services, or operations funding for existing visitor services that align with the municipal or provincial tourism strategy including administrative costs of the organization, including salaries of full-time staff, facilities, equipment, communications, and the direct expenses of day to-day work.

This fund is approved annually by East Hants Municipal Council.

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Need help finding grants or need tourism business support? Contact Aurora Douthwright, Tourism & Events Supervisor via email


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