General Government Grants

General Government Grants are available to non-profit organizations that support the delivery of municipal services or provide services to enhance community well-being and the quality of life for the citizens of East Hants. The Municipality provides four types of grants:

1. Use of space at municipally owned facilities by non-profit organizations

2. School Bursaries under the Dr. James T. Snow Bursary Program

3. Grants to organizations whose mandates support the delivery of municipal services (written application required)

4. Grants to non-profit organizations who meet the eligibility criteria set out in the General Government Grants Policy (written application required)

To apply for a grant under this program submit your request in writing to the Chief Administrative Officer. Eligibility criteria include:

  1. Program/Service Obligation ~ supports a service delivered by the Municipality.
  2. Public Need/Benefit ~ service or program is broad based and all residents will derive a benefit versus special interest group needs and benefit to specific residents.
  3. Financial Need ~ application demonstrates financial need and identifies all other grants and fundraising activities. Copies of most recent Financial Statements and the current year’s budget should accompany the request.
  4. Quality of Life ~ service or program enhances the quality of life of residents. Applications received prior to March 31st in any given year will be given priority. Applications received after March 31st will be considered only if there are funds available.

General Government Grant Policy


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