Community Partnership Fund

The Community Partnership Fund was created to build and foster relationships with non-profit community based organizations; to provide multi-year seed funding to non-profit community based organizations during their infancy to allow them to build capacity; and to provide multi-year financial support that assists with basic “core” organizational and administrative costs of the organization, including salaries of full-time staff, facilities, equipment, communications, and the direct expenses of day-to-day work.

Application to the Community Partnership Fund is restricted to non-profit community based organizations providing a socially inclusive universal program or service to the Municipal community and those eligible for funding under the Municipal Government Act (the Act), Part IV Finance, ss.65 (au).


Eligibility Criteria:

  1. No organizations will be “grandfathered.” Previous funding does not guarantee future funding.
  2. Organization is a registered charity or a non-profit organization governed by a community-based volunteer Board of Directors eligible for grant funding pursuant to ss.65 (au) of the Municipal Government Act.
  3. Organization is providing a socially inclusive universal service/program to residents of East Hants that is in line with the Municipality’s strategic objectives and vision. The applicant must identify the specific benefit(s) and outcome(s) that demonstrates this strategic alignment.
  4. Organization is not a Sporting Association or Club.
  5. Organization is not a group supported by a larger provincial or national governing body; i.e. Girl Guides of Canada, Canadian Cancer Society, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Cadet organizations, Church organizations, etc.
  6. Organization is not a Community Hall Association who exists for the purpose of operating and maintaining a community specific facility(ies).
  7. Organization must demonstrate fiscal and management responsibility and show financial need.
  8. Organization must accept the evaluation and reporting requirements if awarded a grant.


View the complete policy (pdf)

Community Partnership Fund Application Form (pdf)


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