Municipal Grants

Each year the Municipality of East Hants offers various grant programs to local non-profit and community organizations.  If you are unsure of which grant to apply for or require staff assistance, please complete the following Grant Intake Form.

Grant Recipients

Municipal Grant Program Policy

Community Beautification/Enhancement Grant

Each year the Municipality of East Hants places money into the Beautification Grant Fund for each District to financially support non-profit community – based beautification & enhancement efforts for the following approved… Full story

Community Grant Program Fund

The Municipality of East Hants recognizes the importance and value of not-for-profit community-based organizations. Council’s primary role is an enabling, facilitative one, meant to develop and coordinate supports necessary to… Full story

Community Partnership Fund

The Community Partnership Fund was created to build and foster relationships with non-profit community based organizations; to provide multi-year seed funding to non-profit community based organizations during their infancy to… Full story

District Recreation Fund

The Municipality of East Hants recognizes the importance and value of not-for-profit, community-based organizations. These organizations own or operate in facilities that provide recreational opportunities for East Hants residents. Funding… Full story

Emergency Management Operations

Each year the Municipality of East Hants offers a grant to organizations that support the Municipality’s Emergency Management Operations, such as grants to fund the purchase or upgrading of generators… Full story

General Government Grants

General Government Grants are available to non-profit organizations that support the delivery of municipal services or provide services to enhance community well-being and the quality of life for the citizens… Full story

Grant Recognition Guidelines

Each year the Municipality of East Hants offers various grant programs to local not-for-profit and community organizations. These grants can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.  … Full story

Heritage Property Incentive Program

The Municipality is now accepting applications for the Heritage Property Incentive Program. The Heritage Property Incentive Program was introduced in 2016 and assists heritage property owners to complete improvements to the… Full story

Rural Economic Development Assistance Fund

To be considered for assistance under this fund, a project must be considered to enhance the economic viability of the community, create employment, and be consistent with the East Hants… Full story

Major Special Event Grant

The purpose of the Major Special Event Grant is to provide one-time financial assistance to organizations who are hosting a significant or special event that will be open to all… Full story

Tourism Economic Development Fund

The Tourism Economic Development (TED) Fund exists to provide support to projects that strategically advance the growth of high-quality, competitive destinations, products and visitor experiences that are significant to East… Full story

Tourism Grants

2022 Tourism Grant Applications are now being accepted. Applicants are encouraged to contact Alana Tapper via email or by phone at 902-883-6143 to discuss their project prior to completing… Full story