Elmsdale Village Core Detailed Design Concept

East Hants is creating a concept for an accessible streetscape design that encourages both commercial development and local businesses; safe pedestrian mobility and access; community transit and parking; as well as building places and experiences for people to enjoy.


East Hants has begun work with Fowler, Bauld and Mitchell (FBM), who led the Nova Scotia Main Streets project, to design a concept for an exciting, inviting and accessible street that encourages pedestrian and vehicle movement, active transportation, unique spaces for the community, and creates an environment for local businesses to thrive.  The purpose of this concept design will be to create the 10-year vision for what this street can become and set the direction for potential development.

Expected Completion Date: Early 2022


Building off the recommendations, and the great input and community engagement from the Nova Scotia Main Streets Project in February of 2020, East Hants Municipal Council has approved a project to develop a “Main Street” concept design for a section of Highway 214 in Elmsdale.  Highway 214 is a provincial road, and so throughout this project we will be engaging and working closely with Nova Scotia Public Works (formerly Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal) to ensure that we align efforts and create a shared vision for the future.

East Hants will be re-engaging with stakeholders and the community around the Concept Design. This will be guided by what we have heard from the community in previous conversations and engagement, concept design recommendations from FBM, and input from Municipal Council.

Project Leads

Fowler, Bauld and Mitchell (FBM)


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