PLN19-002 Highway 2, Lantz


Armco Capital Inc.


Proposed mapping amendment to the Generalized Future Land Use Map 1 and to the Land Use Bylaw Map 1 and a request to enter into a development agreement for a master planned community.

Subject Property

Properties subject to the application are shown on the map above and are identified as PID 45089158, 45239969, 45294592, 45089778, 45089760, 45089711 and PID 45402260 Highway 2, Lantz. The total area of the subject properties is approximately 212 ha (523 acres). The property identified as PID 45239969 is currently zoned Walkable Comprehensive Development District (WCDD) Zone. The property identified as PID 45294592 is split zoned, with the majority of the property being zoned Walkable Comprehensive Development District (WCDD) Zone and a small portion of the property zoned Two Dwelling Unit Residential (R2) Zone. The remaining PIDs 45089158, 45089760, 45089778, 45089711 and PID 45402260 are zoned Two Dwelling Unit Residential (R2) Zone.


The concept plan below shows a mixture of uses including 715 units or 25% of the development as low density residential (yellow), 700 units or 17% of the development as medium density residential development (blue), 450-700 units or 13% of the development as high density residential (pink), 60-90 units or 3% of the development as mixed use (red: commercial on bottom floor of the apartment buildings), parks or natural areas (green) to account for 29% of the development and roadways to account for 13% of the development. Changes to the concept plan may occur as the planning application process moves forward. The goal of the application is to enable, through a development agreement, a mixed use master planned development (Wickwire Station) including residential, commercial and open space, accommodating between 1,925 and 2,205 residential units.

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