Procurement Opportunities

Procurement Governance

In 2011 the Public Procurement Act (2011) was enacted by the Province of Nova Scotia. The Act is applicable to all public sector entities and is intended to improve transparency and accountability, standardize practices and create a governance structure for public sector procurement in Nova Scotia.

Procurement for the Municipality is managed by individual departments with the Finance Department providing oversight to the organization with respect to procurement practices and issues.

The Municipal Procurement Policy guides the procurement decisions made the Municipality of East Hants.

Open Competitions

The Municipality of East Hants (East Hants) will, from time to time, issue public Requests for Proposal, Requests for Construction, Requests for Standing Offer and other requests for which competitive responses are required.

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It is East Hants’ practice to share the names of parties who have downloaded or otherwise requested documents related to a procurement competition.

Electronic Submission Protocol 

Considering the Premier of Nova Scotia’s recent press conference, East Hants has asked all permanent staff who have the ability to work from home to do so until further notice.  Our offices do remain open, but we are not sure if this will remain the case.  East Hants recognizes that many of our suppliers are taking similar action.

East Hants has decided that the submission of responses to competitions in person, by courier, or by mail will be suspended until further notice and that all future responses to competitions will be managed electronically to the extent East Hants has the ability to do so.

In order for this temporary solution to work, we request that suppliers follow the following steps:

  • Verify the limitations of your email provider and make any changes necessary to ensure the email can be transmitted
  • Put the competition number in the Subject line of the email (e.g. RFQ502XX)
  • Sign and date the bid/proposal forms and fill in all blanks
  • Where possible, submit as one PDF file, assembled as it would have been printed to paper
  • Please limit the use hyperlinks in your submission and include referenced documents wherever practical to do so; broken or disabled links may mean that information critical to your submission may not be considered
  • Reduce the size of your attachment. In the event an email will not transmit due to size, consider a download location, or break-up the file(s) into logical sections which will transmit
  • Submit your response by email to
  • Submit before the deadline
  • Verify your submission has been received

East Hants will also accept emails directing us to a supplier’s OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or similar account, or their own web or FTP site, from which East Hants has the permission to download the supplier’s response.  In such case, the email must have been received and the associated file(s) must be complete and ready to be downloaded by the date and time the competition closes. East Hants will not accept changed documents after the closing.

East Hants will make reasonable effort to send a confirming email when a submission is received.  If you do not receive a confirming email, please contact the Procurement Officer at 902-883-6232.


The municipal contact person responsible for the procurement process is Michael Hatfield, Procurement Officer.


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