Procurement Opportunities

Procurement Governance

In 2011 the Public Procurement Act (2011) was enacted by the Province of Nova Scotia. The Act is applicable to all public sector entities and is intended to improve transparency and accountability, standardize practices and create a governance structure for public sector procurement in Nova Scotia.

Procurement for the Municipality is managed by individual departments with the Finance Department providing oversight to the organization with respect to procurement practices and issues.

The Municipal Procurement Policy guides the procurement decisions made the Municipality of East Hants.

Open Competitions

The Municipality of East Hants (East Hants) will, from time to time, issue public Requests for Proposal, Requests for Construction, Requests for Standing Offer and other requests for which competitive responses are required.

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It is East Hants’ practice to share the names of parties who have downloaded or otherwise requested documents related to a procurement competition.

Electronic Submission Protocol 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, East Hants changed the way it accepted responses, moving away from in-person, courier, and mailed responses.  We have made improvements to our online procurement application in order to permanently move away from emailed responses and will now accept responses to competitions by electronic upload as described below.

We request that vendors follow the following steps:

  • Register for a competition through the application by going to the Current Competitions. Be sure to provide a valid email address when registering.
  • An email will be sent to your email address that contains a link to a dashboard that allows you to download documents, manage notifications, and, if interested in the competition, submit a response. Use this link for all interactions with this competition.
  • Download the documents. The application will advise you, via email, if there is a change to the competition.
  • Review the competition. Ask questions within the question period. Check for addenda using your link to the dashboard.
  • Prepare response documents. Where possible, submit as one PDF file, assembled as it would have been printed to paper. Where multiple files must be submitted, label them in the sequence they need to be reassembled (part 1, part 2…).
  • The application accepts PDF and the most common audio and video files. The application does not accept Word or Excel files.
  • Limit the use of hyperlinks in your submission and include referenced documents wherever practical to do so; broken or disabled links may mean that information critical to your submission may not be considered. If using hyperlinks, check links are working before you submit.
  • Upload completed documents that are part of your submission using the dashboard link. You can upload documents at any time while a competition is open, but remember that it can take some time for a file, especially a large one, to upload over the internet, so don’t wait until the last moment.
  • Be sure your submission is complete. You can delete or add documents at any point up to the time you hit the submit button. Click the Submit button, verify you are ready to submit, and click Submit The application generates a unique reference number which you must reference when inquiring about your submission. The application sends a confirming email, including this reference number, once the submission is made.
  • Submissions made before the closing will be considered on time. Once the closing date and time have been reached, submissions are no longer be accepted.
  • To withdraw a submission, you must send an email to the Procurement Officer at referencing the unique reference number provided at submission.
  • Changes to submissions can only be done before the closing date and time. If you have submitted a response and need to make a change, contact the Procurement Officer at to advise the submission already submitted is to be withdrawn. Resubmit using the “I want to start over” link on the dashboard for the submission you wish to withdraw. You will need to register again and follow the new dashboard link.  Repeat the steps above.
  • Have more than one great idea or option which satisfies the competition? Submit more than one response. Follow the above steps and use the “I want to start over” link to submit each new submission. If submitting more than one submission remember:
    • Each submission must be complete (all forms, references, etc. must be included in each submission).
    • Include a note in each submission that specifies which option it is (e.g. Option 1, option 2, etc.) or some other unique description so we can tell the submissions apart.  This allows us to discuss each submission with you and properly award on the submission that provides the best value, without confusing the two (or more).
    • If you aren’t sure you understand our requirements, don’t use multiple submissions to hedge your bets. Request clarifications before the deadline for questions.

Vendors will be notified of their status in the competition after an award is made. Debrief, when requested, will be held by phone at a time scheduled in advance with the Procurement Officer.

Disclaimer: The vendor is responsible for uploading and submitting all documents by closing time.  The vendor must account for the time to upload documents which depends on the size of the document.  The Municipality of the District of East Hants (the “Municipality”) shall not be liable for, and vendor releases the Municipality from, any damage or loss of any kind whatsoever related to vendor’s failure to submit documents by closing time for any reason.


The municipal contact person responsible for the procurement process is Michael Hatfield, Procurement Officer.


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