Community Plan Update

East Hants has an Official Community Plan that directs how our community grows and develops over time. Did you know only about half of the municipality has comprehensive land use planning? The only regulations in the non-planned area of the municipality related to wind energy and large-scale special events. The provincial government has directed all Nova Scotia municipalities to plan for the efficient use of land within their boundaries. East Hants Council has begun the process of amending our Community Plan so that the entire municipality has comprehensive land use planning. Planning helps to protect the public interest, and ensures that everyone has input into the development of their community. East Hants Council and staff must consider the following land uses when developing a plan for the unplanned area of East Hants:

  • Residential uses
  • Commercial and industrial uses
  • Institutional uses
  • Recreational facilities and public open spaces
  • Resource uses including agriculture

Other items unique to East Hants that we need to consider are: coastal erosion and sea level rise; preservation of agricultural lands; protection of tourism assets and view planes; floodplain issues; and the protection of our waterways. Work on this planning process is anticipated to start in early 2021. During this process, residents, businesses and organizations will have opportunities to engage with staff and Council and contribute to the direction of our community plan.

Major Reports

1 – Scoping Report

2 – Community Engagement Report

3 – Land Use Inventory Report – Future Planned Area

4 – Community Consultation Update 1 – June 2021

5 – Community Consultation Update 2 – Sept 2021

6- Community Engagement Report Phase 1 – December 2021

Topic Papers

1 – Beamish Road ; Beamish Road Supplemental

2 – Front Yard Accessory Buildings

3 – Salvage Yards

4 – Private Roads

5 – Milford Ground Water ; Milford Groundwater Study

6 – Campgrounds

7 – Rural Residential

8 – Roosters

9 – Village Core (VC) Zone Plan Update

10 – Mixed-Use Center (MC) Zone Plan Update Report 1

11 – Walkable Comprehensive Development District (WCDD) Zone Plan Update Report

12 – Rooster Report 3

13 – Rooster Report 4

14 – Housekeeping Mapping Amendments

15 – Fundy Vulnerability Staff Report; Fundy Vulnerability Study

16 – Multiple Unit Residential (R3) Zone Amendments

17 – Rural Settlements

18 – Agricultural Staff Report; Agricultural Land Report from Agricultural Advisory Committee

19 – Community Engagement Amendments Report



1 – Community Plan Update Video – Introduction

Open House Content

1 – East Hants Overview Map

2 – Land Use Planning

3 – Plan Update Process

4 – Settlements

5 – Environment

6 – Recreational Vehicles

7 – Other Planning Issues

8 – Agriculture

9 – Class 2 Soil Map

10 – Canada Land Inventory Soils Map  (soil class descriptions)

11 – Land Use Inventory (survey)

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