Community Plan Update


East Hants has an Official Community Plan that directs how the community grows and develops over time. Currently, only half of the municipality has comprehensive land use planning. The only regulations in the non-planned area of the municipality are related to wind energy and large-scale special events.

The provincial government has directed all Nova Scotia municipalities to plan for the efficient use of land within their boundaries. East Hants Council has begun the process of amending our Community Plan so that the entire municipality has comprehensive land use planning. Planning helps to protect the public interest, and ensures that everyone has input into the development of their community.

Click on the image above to access the ‘Proposed Zoning Look-Up Tool’ mapping application, where you can search your property and find out more information on its proposed future zoning. Note: If your zoning is currently identified as WE this is the area without comprehensive zoning.

Topics covered in the draft East Hants Official Community Plan include:

Amenity Space Improvements: In order to improve access to outdoor space for residents living in multiple unit buildings, changes are proposed to the amenity space requirements to improve the built environment.

Campgrounds: New land use regulations are proposed for those property owners wishing to develop or expand campgrounds.

Milford Groundwater Regulations: A new land use designation and zone has been created for Milford to protect existing drinking water supplies from well interference.

Shoreline Erosion & Flooding: A coastal erosion and shoreline flooding study has been completed for the East Hants Bay of Fundy shoreline. As a result of the study, regulations are being proposed for setbacks from the Bay of Fundy and the mouth of the Shubenacadie River shoreline.

Zoning: New land use zoning is being proposed in parts of East Hants that had no comprehensive planning. To look up your zoning information visit the Proposed Zoning Lookup Tool.

Draft East Hants Official Community Plan (March 2023)

Municipal Planning Strategy

Section A – Intro

Section B – Citizen Engagement

Section C1 – Growth Management and Infrastructure

Section C2 – Healthy Public Realm

Section C3 – Urban Design & Community Character

Section C4 – Transportation

Section C5 – Parks, Open Space & Public Facilities

Section C6 – Residential Development

Section C7 – Economic Development

Section C8 – Rural Residential Development

Section C9 – Environment

Section C10 – Rural & Agricultural Lands

Section C11 – Tourism & Heritage

Section D – Rural & Fundy Shore Plan

Section E – Realizing the Plan

Section F – Appendices

Land Use Bylaw

Part 1 – Administration

Part 2 – Definitions

Part 3 – General Provisions

Part 4 – Signage

Part 5 – Rural Zones

Part 6 – Residential Neighbourhood Zones

Part 7 – Mixed Use Zones

Part 8 – Separated Commercial Zones

Part 9 – Community Use Zones

Part 10 – Environmental Zones

Part 11 – Appendix A Land Use Bylaw Maps

Part 11 – Appendix B Form Based Zone Requirements for the Village Core

Part 11 – Appendix C Site Plan Approval Forms

Part 11 – Appendix D Environmental Study

Part 11 – Appendix E Large Scale Wind Turbines

Part 11 – Appendix F MC Special Area Map

Part 11 Appendix G Coastal Erosion Study

Subdivision Bylaw

Subdivision Bylaw

Open Houses and Public Information Meetings Content (November 2022)

1 – Agricultural Reserve Zone

2 – Fundy Erosion Zone

3 – Fundy Floodplain

4 – Lakeshore Residential Zone

5 – Milford Groundwater Zone

6 – Rural Use North Zone

7 – Watercourse Greenbelt Zone

8 – Other Changes – Plan Update

9 – East Hants Community Plan Update Presentation – November 2022

Major Reports

1 – Scoping Report

2 – Community Engagement Report

3 – Land Use Inventory Report – Future Planned Area

4 – Community Consultation Update 1 – June 2021

5 – Community Consultation Update 2 – Sept 2021

6- Community Engagement Report Phase 1 – December 2021

Topic Papers

1 – Beamish Road ; Beamish Road Supplemental

2 – Front Yard Accessory Buildings

3 – Salvage Yards

4 – Private Roads

5 – Milford Ground Water ; Milford Groundwater Study

6 – Campgrounds

7 – Rural Residential

8 – Rooster Report 1; Rooster Report 2; Rooster Report 3; Rooster Report 4

9 – Village Core (VC) Zone Plan Update

10 – Walkable Comprehensive Development District (WCDD) Zone Plan Update Report

11 – Housekeeping Mapping Amendments

12 – Fundy Vulnerability Staff Report; Fundy Vulnerability Study

13 – Multiple Unit Residential (R3) Zone Amendments

14 – Rural Settlements

15 – Agricultural Staff Report; Agricultural Land Report from Agricultural Advisory Committee

16 – Community Engagement Amendments Report

17 – Shubenacadie Village Core Parking Strategy

18 – Omnibus Official Community Plan General Amendment Report

19 – Public Gravel Roads

20 – Hockey Stick Lots and Flag Lots

21 – Poultry – Future Planned Area Report

22 – Additional Community Plan Proposed Amendments


1 – Community Plan Update Video – Introduction

Open House Content (October 2021)

1 – East Hants Overview Map

2 – Land Use Planning

3 – Plan Update Process

4 – Settlements

5 – Environment

6 – Recreational Vehicles

7 – Other Planning Issues

8 – Agriculture

9 – Class 2 Soil Map

10 – Canada Land Inventory Soils Map  (soil class descriptions)

11 – Land Use Inventory

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