Water & Wastewater

This division staffs the functions of both Water Utility supply and Wastewater Collection & Treatment. This involves the operation of two Water Treatment Plants, an Engineered Spring, a Bulk Water Station and three Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Supporting infrastructure managed by this division includes: 4 Water Towers, 28 Lift Stations, over 350 Fire Hydrants and an extensive underground piping network.



Enfield Water Treatment Plant

Constructed: 1977, upgraded 1991 & 2007
Community: Enfield, Elmsdale, Lantz
Population: 6,593

Shubenacadie Water Treatment Plant

Constructed: 2011
Community: Shubenacadie
Population: 874

Engineered Spring

Constructed: 2011
Winner of the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Engineering.

Enfield Bulk Water Station

Constructed: 1990, upgraded 2015

Enfield Water Tower

Constructed: 1977
Storage Volume: 330,000 imp gal

Elmsdale Water Tower

Constructed: 2006
Storage Volume: 1,000,000 imp gal

Lantz Water Tower

Constructed: 1991
Storage Volume: 430,000 imp gal

Shubenacadie Water Tower

Constructed: 2010
Storage Volume: 750,000 imp gal

Lantz Wastewater Treatment Plant

Constructed: 1990
Communities: Enfield, Elmsdale, Lantz
Population: 6,593

Milford Wastewater Treatment Plant

Constructed: 2010
Community: Milford
Population Served: 1,109

Shubenacadie Wastewater Treatment Plant

Constructed: 1974
Communities Served: Shubenacadie
Population Served: 874



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