Water Utility

The East Hants Water Utility provides safe drinking water directly to utility customers in the communities of Enfield, Elmsdale, Lantz, and Shubenacadie. Bulk water is also made available to purchase for account holders at the Bulk Water station located in Enfield. Currently there are four water towers that store and ensure pressure for water distribution across the system.



Water Utility Information:

East Hants Water Utility Operating Budget

East Hants Water Utility Financial Statements

Schedule A – EHWU Rates & Charges: Effective July 1 2017 

Schedule B – EHWU Rates & Charges: Effective April 1 2018

Schedule C – EHWU Rates & Charges: Effective October 22 2021

Schedule D – EHWU Rules and Regulations: Effective July 1 2017


Municipal Standards

Request Connection or Disconnection of Water Service

Water & Wastewater Facilities in East Hants


Water Treatment Process

Water treatment is a part of our multi-barrier approach to providing safe drinking water. East Hants has two Water Treatment Systems: Regional Water Treatment Facility & Distribution System Shubenacadie Water… Full story

Wastewater Collection & Treatment

Wastewater is the mixture of “used’ water and materials that residents and businesses flush down drains, toilets, and sinks every day. This material travels from a serviced property and pumped… Full story

Environmental Monitoring

East Hants monitors and reviews data from Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants, as well as water runoff from the Waste Management Centre to ensure compliance of Provincial operating approvals.  … Full story

Cross Connection Control Program (CCC)

The Overview The Municipality protects, treats and delivers safe drinking water, but our responsibility does not end there. We are required by Nova Scotia Environment (NSE) to enforce the installation of… Full story

East Hants Source Water Protection Plans

A source water protection plan is an approach to water resource protection. The goal of a Plan is to protect the source water supply area while considering the social and… Full story

Environmental Education

The Municipality has long recognized the importance of educating the community on environmental issues.  Since 2008 the Municipality has been conducting various educational events helping the public to understand how… Full story