Water Utility

The East Hants Water Utility provides safe drinking water directly to utility customers in the communities of Enfield, Elmsdale, Lantz, and Shubenacadie.  Bulk water is also made available to purchase for account holders at the Bulk Water station located in Enfield.  Currently there are 4 water towers that store and ensure pressure for water distribution across the system.

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Water Utility Information:


Water Utility Budget 2016-2017

Water Utility Financial Statements 2015-2016

Schedule C – EHWU Rates and Charges April 2012

Schedule D – EHWU Rules and Regulations April 2010 




24 Hour Water & Sewer Emergency



Enfield Water Treatment Plant

Constructed: 1977, upgraded 1991 & 2007
Community: Enfield, Elmsdale, Lantz
Population: 6,593

Shubenacadie Water Treatment Plant

Constructed: 2011
Community: Shubenacadie
Population: 874

Engineered Spring

Constructed: 2011
Winner of the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Engineering.

Enfield Bulk Water Station

Constructed: 1990, upgraded 2015

Enfield Water Tower

Constructed: 1977
Storage Volume: 330,000 imp gal

Elmsdale Water Tower

Constructed: 2006
Storage Volume: 1,000,000 imp gal

Lantz Water Tower

Constructed: 1991
Storage Volume: 430,000 imp gal

Shubenacadie Water Tower

Constructed: 2010
Storage Volume: 750,000 imp gal