Covid Impacts – Recycling Program

We are pleased to share that our recycling processor, the Municipality of Colchester, will be up and running the week of July 20th. Their closure since late March was due to a delay in receiving the necessary protective equipment for their staff.

Beginning Tuesday, July 14th residents will be able to place double the recycling limit (total of 16 bags/bundles) curbside per collection day. This limit will continue to the end of August to support those households that may have opted to store materials during the recycling facility closure.

Due to the high quality of recyclables our residents produce (proper sorting) staff were able to save 20% of materials placed curbside since late March and transfer to an alternative recycling facility.

Thank you for your continued support and concern for the recycling program here in East Hants. For questions on what goes where please check our waste wizard first at and while there sign up for service alerts!


COVID-19 Information