Cross Connection Control Program (CCC)

The Overview

The Municipality protects, treats and delivers safe drinking water. We are required by Nova Scotia Environment (NSE) to enforce the installation of Backflow Prevention (BFP) Devices on water service lines where there is greater potential for backflow.

The Municipality’s first step in our Cross Connection Control Program is to monitor the installation and maintenance of BFP devices to minimize risk of a potential contaminant entering the distribution system.

BFP devices have been a requirement since 1999 in the Municipality of East Hants Municipal Services System General Specifications and more recently in Schedule “D” East Hants Water Utility Schedule of Rules and Regulations.

Water Meter and BFP Installation Guideline


Forms and programming for new construction have been available since June 1, 2016.

Backflow Prevention (BFP) Devices

Where are they required?

In East Hants, backflow prevention devices are required on buildings where there is a greater potential for backflow and contamination to the water supply.

These include:

  • Industrial, commercial and institutional buildings
  • Apartment buildings with more than four units
  • Sprinkler service lines

Testing and Maintenance

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all backflow prevention devices must be tested upon installation and annually thereafter. If the assembly fails its test, maintenance or repair is immediately required. The assembly must be retested immediately after any repairs, maintenance, or when the assembly has been removed, reinstalled or changed locations.

Backflow prevention assemblies must be annually tested, at minimum, because they have internal seals and springs that are subject to wear or fatigue.

East Hants Rules and Regulations specify that the Municipality may give notice to correct any non-compliance with the Cross Connection Control & Backflow Prevention section of the schedule. This includes the annual testing of BFPs. As a last resort in cases of non-compliance, the Municipality may suspend water service. We will always prefer to work with the property owner towards a solution, but backflow hazards will be taken seriously as they are potential risks to public health.


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