Infrastructure & Operations

Our focus is to provide operational services to the residents and businesses of East Hants, and to support opportunities for growth and enhancement of the community’s infrastructure in a reliable, sustainable, cost effective and environmentally responsible manner.

Jesse Hulsman, Director of      Infrastructure & Operations

We support the needs of our growing communities with the following services:

  • Providing safe drinking water to Water Utility Customers
  • Collecting and treating wastewater in serviced areas
  • Delivering curbside waste collection services and operating the waste management facility
  • Environmental stewardship and meeting environmental regulations
  • Monitoring and maintaining municipal roads, sidewalks, and streetlights
  • Managing Capital Projects for future municipal assets
  • Managing municipal technical construction standards for the Municipality and developers

Contact Information:

Water & Wastewater Services:

  • Weekday Business Hours: 902-883-2299
  • After Hours & Weekends: 902-883-2110
  • Email:

Solid Waste:

Municipally owned Roads, Sidewalks, Streetlights:

  • Weekday Business Hours: 902-883-2299
  • Email:
  • Winter Road Maintenance: Basin-Gallant: 902-883-2235
  • Winter Sidewalk Maintenance: Elmsdale Landscaping: 902-883-2291

Civic Address:

Municipal Office
Lloyd E Matheson Centre
15 Commerce Court, Elmsdale
NS B2S 3K5

Mailing Address:

Box 230, Suite 170
15 Commerce Court, Elmsdale
NS B2S 3K5



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