CAOs Office

Connie Nolan, CAO

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is the senior staff person responsible to Council for the administration of municipal affairs. The CAO supervises all departments and ensures a collaborative approach by staff to implement Council directives.  The CAO’s duties include:

  • Providing information, support and guidance to municipal council to assist with the development and evaluation of strategic directions, policies and priorities
  • Leadership and management of administrative functions of the municipality
  • Guides implementation of council policies and priorities
  • Monitors all administrative services to ensure a balanced budget
  • Ensures appropriate staffing levels for all departments

The following divisions report to the CAO:

The CAO’s Office is also responsible for the following services:



CAO Office

Connie Nolan, CPA, CA, CFE – Chief Administrative Officer: 902-883-7098 Ext 217

Sheralee Mitchell-MacEwan – Assistant Municipal Clerk: 902-883-7098 Ext 217

Tracy Dixon – HR Officer/OH&S Officer: 902-883-7098 Ext 203

Lisa Jobb – Administrative Support Clerk: 902-883-7098 Ext 216

Jody MacArthur – Communications Officer: 902-883-7098 Ext 219


Deputy CAO

Kim Ramsay, CPA, CMA, – Deputy Chief Administrative Officer: 902-883-7098 Ext 225

Michael Hatfield – Procurement Officer, 902-883-7098 Ext 232

Wendy MacLeod – Manager of Administrative Services, 902-883-7098 Ext 204

Rob Stinson – Building Maintenance Technician, 902-883-7098 Ext 208

Tom Gignac – Manager of Information Services, 902-883-7098 Ext 205

Amanda Hatfield – Information Services Clerk, 902-883-7098 Ext 201

Christian Taylor – Senior Systems Analyst, 902-883-7098 Ext 206

Jonathan Woodman – End User Support Technician, 902-883-7098 Ext 213