Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre

Visit the Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre in South Maitland, where the wonders of the Bay of Fundy come to life. Learn about the world’s highest tides and discover the rich heritage of the area. Immerse yourself in informational exhibits, witness the tidal bore, and discover a diverse marshland ecosystem along our wetland trail. As East Hants’ only designated Visitor Information Centre, our friendly visitor experience staff can also provide trusted advice on planning travel in our area and throughout the province. 

There is no admission charge to visit the Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre. It is owned and operated by the Municipality of East Hants.

The Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre is open seasonally.

Our 2024 season starts on May 17 and runs until mid-October. Our seasonal hours of operation are 9am to 5pm daily. Questions about planning a visit? Email us at

Looking for tidal bore times?

Twice each day, the incredible Bay of Fundy tides rush into the Shubenacadie River creating a natural phenomenon witnessed only a few places on earth: the tidal bore. View and download our tidal bore estimated for 2024 here.

Did you know you can also calculate the tidal bore times on your own? Here is how we estimate our times:

  • Find the Government of Canada’s predictions for low tide at Burntcoat Head Park. Note: when checking future tide times, ensure your time zone is correct for the time of year you plan to visit (for example, in the summer, be sure to select UTC-3)
  • To find the tidal bore time for Dawson Dowell Park (Maitland), add 2 hours 55 minutes to low tide at Burntcoat.
  • To find tidal bore time at Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre (South Maitland), add 3 hours 45 minutes to low tide at Burntcoat.

Example: on June 5, 2024, Burntcoat has a predicted low tide at 6:38 a.m.
To watch the tidal bore in Maitland at Dawson Dowell Park, use 6:38 + 2 hours 55 minutes to equal 9:33 a.m.
To watch the tidal bore in South Maitland at the Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre,  use 6:38 + 3 hours 45 minutes to equal 10:23 a.m.

Tune into our live feed webcam with beautiful views from the Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre’s observation deck.

About the Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre

The Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre is a great place to learn about the world-famous tidal bore, enjoy nature, and take in some East Hants history. From educational displays to breathtaking views of the Shubenacadie River, visit us to learn something new and be captivated by the power of nature.

An insider tip: if you plan to arrive to watch the tidal bore, arrive early to see low tide, and return after a few hours to appreciate high tide and the amazing range of the river!

  • Explore the tidal observation park and interpretive centre – learn more about the history, facts & fun behind the world’s highest tides.
  • Watch the tidal bore pass by! Join us for our FREE interpretive talk and see the river change direction and then rise 10 feet in the following 30 minutes. Did you know? You can watch the tidal bore twice – first by visiting the mouth of the Shubenacadie River and watching the bore pass by the Dawson Dowell Park wharf, and then by driving about 15 minutes to the Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre to watch the bore pass our observation deck 50 minutes later.
  • Make sure you see both high and low tide from our tidal observation deck overlooking the incredible Shubenacadie River.
  • Plan a nature walk on the trail, complete with opportunities for bird & eagle watching.
  • Learn more about the ecosystems of our region with the entire family through the Ducks Unlimited marsh program.
  • Learn things you never knew you knew with our tour guides and interpretive exhibits – facts and fun for the entire family!

Our Location

9865 Highway 236, South Maitland

Just an hour from Halifax, the site is wheelchair accessible with plenty of parking, public washrooms and is pet friendly.


The following areas are wheelchair accessible:

– The Interpretive Centre building via ramps at front and back doors
– Washrooms
– Trail to the observation deck
– Parking Lot and pedestrian gate leading to the trails

Please Note

– The caboose is not wheelchair accessible.
– The Wetlands Trail is fairly flat but is not groomed to be wheelchair accessible. Use at own discretion.

Contact Us


Phone: 902-261-2250 from Mid-May to mid-October (902-883-6239 in the off-season)

Visit us at 9865 Highway 236, South Maitland

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