Dawson Dowell Park

Historic, picturesque with spectacular views: plan your picnic at Dawson Dowell Park in East Hants!

Located at the edge of the village core of Maitland, this day-use Park provides easy access to spectacular views of Cobequid Bay and the famous Tidal Bore. A family friendly attraction, the park offers opportunities to relax and explore for guests of all ages, the beauty of the park also makes it ideal for family and group photographs.

A Day at Dawson Dowell Park

  • Bring the kids for a gazebo lunch
  • Adults will enjoy the splendor of the garden planters and horticulture while kids are entertained at the on-site playground
  • Maitland is a historic village and Dawson Dowell Park is just one family-friendly that attraction that lets you experience the beauty, history and culture of the local area.

A local insider’s tip: take an easy path over the Acadian Dyke wall – this will lead you to a public wharf for up close views of the ever-changing tides in the Shubenacadie River.


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