Canada Revenue Agency Liaison Officer Service

May 31, 2023

Small businesses and self-employed individuals have access to free personalized tax support with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Liaison Officer Service. This service can help you better understand your tax obligations, common tax errors, general best practice bookkeeping, possible business deductions and much more.  In addition to being completely free, this service is 100% confidential. The questions you ask and information that you share with your Liaison Officer will not be shared with any other areas of CRA or anyone else. There are approximately 130 Liaison Officers available for personalized appointments via phone or videoconference. Visit CRA Liaison Officer Service to learn more or to make an appointment.

Canada Revenue Agency also provides resources on various tax-related topics for small businesses such as payroll, HST returns and record keeping. A full list of topics and supports can be found on their website at CRA Small Business Resources.

For assistance making an appointment with CRA or to learn more about available business support services, including the Business Success Program, connect with East Hants Economic and Business Development.