2016 Design Award Winners

April 1, 2016

East Hants is one of the fastest growing Municipalities in Nova Scotia. With that excitement, comes a constantly changing built environment. East Hants wants to celebrate those who have taken the extra care and effort to make East Hants a more beautiful place to live by investing in our built environment through the East Hants Design Awards.

Certificate of Excellence

RYC Property Ltd. for restoration of a historic home to a mixed use building which exemplifies development in the village core.

A light grey two-storey building with a large deck.

Rayleen Hill Architecture & Design Inc. for their use of modern architectural style and attention to detail.

Certificate of Merit

Kindred Living Inc for creating a cohesive and attractive infill development for seniors.

A duplex home with olive green siding and light brown trim.

Elmsdale Landscaping Ltd. for making improvements to the Elmsdale Village Core by replacing an older building with an attractive office building.

A dark grey sided modern building with light grey stonework.

Caldwell Roach Insurance for making a positive contribution to the Elmsdale Village Core on a challenging infill lot.

A stonework and beige sided modern two-storey commercial office building.

Concorde Way Subdivision Development for creating a multiple unit development that is aesthetically pleasing and contributes to the visual appeal of the community.

A four-storey apartment building with blue and yellow siding.

Wayne Stillman for providing an architectural nod to a school house that was built on the property in 1885.

A red-sided home with a steep pitched roof, circular window, and small belfry with a weather vane.

Honourable Mention

Paul & Thomas Mombourquette for completing an infill development on a challenging and small parcel of land (3398 feet square) that is irregular shaped.

An irregularly shaped beige home built on an inclined lot.

Frieze & Roy General Store for renewing an existing store in a historic building and investing in Maitland the first historic conservation district in Nova Scotia.

A historic general store with fresh blue and green paint with white trim.

Robert LeBlanc for re-purposing and renovating a dilapidated vacant building.

A beige barn-shaped building with stonework trim.

East Hants & Districts Chamber of Commerce for creating a pleasant amenity space for those working in and visiting the Elmsdale Business Park.

Colourful fall leaves on trees at the entrance to Commerce Park and walking trail.

Tolson Developments Ltd. for construction of a mixed use medium density development that is appropriately scaled for the Elmsdale Village Core.

A long two-storey office building with grey siding and a beige awning.

Trevor McKay for replacing a derelict structure with attractive living accommodations that adds to the visual appeal of the community.

An olive green duplex with grey stonework.

Kelgreg Enterprices for providing well constructed walking trails and a natural playground to residents of Garden Meadows and neighbouring residences.

A wide gravel path travels through a lush green forest.

For more information about the East Hants Design Awards call the Planning & Development Department at 902-883-3387 or email 

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