Aquatic Program Registration

Online Registration

Registration day can be a busy time and lessons tend to book up quickly. Being prepared in advance is important!

Registration is completed online (recommended), in-person, or over the phone. Please note: only MasterCard or Visa Credit Cards are accepted online or over the phone.

To assist with a smooth, online registration process, here are a few tips:

  • Set your account up in advance of the registration date. Remember to record your password so you don’t forget it!
  • Browse our programs in advance and know which programs and time slots you will be registering for.
  • On registration day at 12 noon, you should refresh your page or log in to your account in order to see the registration information at the top right of your screen.
  • You will need to “add family member” for each person you will be registering for a session.
  • Review the registration instructions prior to registration.
  • Please be sure to enter the correct birthdate information for each member. You will not be able to change birthdates online after entering them for the first time, changes will require proof of age and must be done by municipal staff.
  • We only accept Visa and Mastercard payments. Visa Debit, American Express and other credit cards are NOT accepted. Make sure your home address matches your billing address for your credit card.
  • If you are registering for a semi-private lesson, make sure you have coordinated with the other swimmer. You will have a chance during registration to enter the name of the swimmer with whom you are sharing a lesson. Payment for semi-private lessons is done at time of booking and is reflective of both swimmers.
  • Read through the Frequently Asked Questions.

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In-Person Registration

East Hants Aquatic Centre
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Phone Registration


Please note, we cannot accept Visa Debit online or on the phone.

East Hants Aquatic Centre Rates

Recreation and Aquatic Program Terms and Conditions

Swimming Lessons Waitlist Information

When a class fills up, we encourage you to join the waitlist. When someone unenrolls from a class, the first person on the waitlist is automatically enrolled in that class as “Pending”. You will then be sent an email from the East Hants Aquatic Centre. You can either confirm your spot via email by clicking “confirm spot” as indicated in the email. If you need assistance you can call the aquatic centre at 902-758-3467 or visit us in person. Pending spots will be held for 24 hours. If you have not confirmed the spot within 24 hours, the spot will be given to the next person on the waitlist.

Additional Notes:

  • If a class is showing full with no option to add yourself to the waitlist, the waitlist may also be full. Please give our front desk a call at 902-758-3467 to check.
  • You can add yourself to multiple waitlists for all dates/times that work for you.
  • Our aquatics team looks at waitlists to create new classes based on the demand for specific levels. If space and staffing allows, we create more classes to meet that demand. We then contact the people on the waitlist to confirm their enrollment. If there are additional spaces available in those newly created classes not filled by the waitlist, we open the class up for booking online.

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