Live Here – Relocating & Reconnecting with Raven’s Rest Retreat

February 1, 2023

When asked if she had any advice for someone considering moving to East Hants, Heidi Penning said “take the leap of faith – you are not alone here”.

This is what Heidi and her partner Jim deVries did when they relocated to Walton, Nova Scotia, and opened Raven’s Rest Retreat. Raven’s Rest Retreat overlooks the Bay of Fundy with a view of Burntcoat Head Park, which is known for the world’s highest tides and sees over 30,000 visitors annually to the Park.

Launching Agritourism on the Shore

Heidi and Jim knew that they wanted to make a change that would reconnect them to nature. In April of 2021, the couple left Ontario and took a chance on a 65-acre, partially treed, waterfront property to launch their agritourism business. Raven’s Rest Retreat currently has three cabins with plans to add a multipurpose building. It is also home to many animals such as highlander cattle and guinea fowl. Raven’s Rest Retreat encourages slowing down and reconnecting with your surroundings. It is a place to rest your body, reset your mind, and recharge your soul.

A welcoming community

In addition to finding the perfect geographic location, Heidi and Jim found a welcoming community. Heidi shared that it was the community and its supportive people that makes them feel at home. Since moving to East Hants in 2021, Heidi and Jim have been active members of the business community and ambassadors of land stewardship with their commitment to social and ecological responsibility.