PLN22-007 1067 Highway 1, Mount Uniacke


Custom Millwork Atlantic Inc.


To enter into a Development Agreement to enable the construction of a 1115m2 (12,000 square foot) fabric style building.

Subject Property

The property is located at 1067 Highway 1, Mount Uniacke and is designated and zoned General Commercial (GC).

The surrounding properties are zoned Rural Use (RU) General Commercial (GC) and Open Space (OS).


The applicant has requested to enter into a Development Agreement with the Municipality to construct a fabric warehousing building with a paved asphalt floor and concreate barrier base. The building will be approximately 1115m2 (12,000 square feet) and be used for the storage of material and equipment accessory to the commercial business on the property. The building will also have lighting and fans for ventilation. Based on the proposed location of the building, it will not be visible from Highway 1. A copy of the site plan is provided.

Reports & Documents

Concept Plan

Initial Report – July 2022

Final Report – December 2022


For further information, please contact Lee-Ann Martin, Planner, 902-883-6241,


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