PLN24-001 Highway 1, Mount Uniacke


Maple Tree Holdings


To amend the mapping of the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw to redesignate and rezone a portion of the property.

Subject Property

The property is located at PID 45426301, Highway 1, Mount Uniacke. The property is designated and zoned Regional Commercial (RC). A small area of the Pockwock Watershed Protection Overlay (WP) Zone is located along the south western edge of the property. The Mount Uniacke Business Park is located immediately to the rear of the property and this area is zoned Business Park (BP). Andrew Mitchel Drive extends to the edge of the property. The land opposite the property on Highway 1 and also on both sides are zoned Regional Commercial (RC).


The current application is for the rear portion of the lot which will be accessed with a driveway off Andrew Mitchell Drive. This will create a split zoned property. The front portion of the lot is proposed to be maintained as Regional Commercial (RC) designation and zone. The back portion of the lot will be in keeping with land uses in the Business Park. The following plan combines the concept plan for the property along with the proposed zoning changes. The grey colour indicates the area of the property proposed Business Park (BP) designation and zone. The maroon red colour indicates the area proposed to be retained with Regional Commercial (RC) designation and zone.


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