PLN23-009 Nature Drive, East Uniacke


3230225 Nova Scotia Limited (Cottage Country)


To unsubstantially amend the time limits of an existing development agreement for PID 45390242.

Subject Property

The subject property is located along Nature Drive, East Uniacke, and is identified as PID 45390242. The size of the subject property is approximately 88.61 hectares. As indicated on the zoning map, the subject property is designated Rural Comprehensive Development District (RCDD) and is zoned Rural Comprehensive Development District (RCDD). Adjacent zones include the Open Space (OS) Zone for Municipally owned open space. The subject lands are a part of the development agreement that permitted the development of the Villages of Long Lake, which is a bare-land condominium development allowing for a total of 401 dwelling units. Village 1 (Hants County Condominium Corporation No. 6) currently has 74 dwelling units and is still majority-owned by 3230225 Nova Scotia Limited. Village 2 (Hants County Condominium Corporation No. 12) currently has 55 dwelling units and is run by a condo board. As the subject lands continue to be developed, they will be incorporated into Village 1 (Hants County Condominium Corporation No. 6).


The purpose of the application is to amend the time limits identified in the existing development agreement to allow the continued development of the lands. According to the existing development agreement, the applicant can apply for an unsubstantial amendment to have the time limits amended. The developer has requested that the time limits be extended and staff are recommending that the applicant be given five additional years to complete the development on the subject lands. Amendments to the time limits will only be applicable to PID 45390242.

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