PLN23-001 Highway 214, Elmsdale


Andrew Kim


An application to enter into a development agreement for a dental office and coffee shop with a drive-thru. The property is zoned Village Core (VC) which enables drive-thru restaurants be considered through a development agreement application.

Subject Property

There is an existing dwelling on the application site which will be removed. The property is located at 251 Highway 214, Elmsdale which is to the south and adjacent to the McDonalds Restaurant.


The existing Elmsdale Dental Clinic are looking to move to the proposed building and will be located in the rear portion of the building. The coffee shop is proposed for the front portion of the building facing onto Highway 214. The coffee shop includes a drive-thru driveway. Included on the site plan is an active transportation trail which will connect to the wider active transportation network.

Reports & Documents


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