Small Business Week – MacVicar Family Painting

October 19, 2023

Professional, trustworthy and experienced is MacVicar Family Painting’s promise to its customers as it transforms spaces with its painting services. With a growing demand for construction tradespeople in East Hants, MacVicar Family Painting is busy with a wide range of projects year-round.

Growing Family and Business together

A freshly painted kitchen courtesy of MacVicar Family Painting
Newly painted kitchen cabinets by MacVicar Family Painting

In 2022, Evan and Natalie MacVicar invested in their future and opened MacVicar Family Painting. The couple originally met on a painting job in Ontario and, after exploring other careers, knew that painting and the East Coast lifestyle was the path for them. The couple was drawn to East Hants because of its blend of rural and urban lifestyles, and with some family support nearby in Nova Scotia, it made the decision even easier. Evan and Natalie moved to Enfield to raise their growing family and start their business and haven’t looked back.

With a 3-year-old daughter, a nearly 2-year-old son and another child on the way, the MacVicars enjoy being part of a community that is growing alongside them.  The family business has also been rapidly expanding since its opening, now with job sites across East Hants and as far away as Chester, Nova Scotia. The MacVicar’s painting services include commercial projects, new residential builds, exterior finishes, renovations and kitchen cabinet refinishing.

Quality First, Then Speed

A man stands near a bright window painting a wall.
Evan MacVicar, co-owner of MacVicar Family Painting

MacVicar Family Painting currently employs Evan and three other team members as full-time painters, while Natalie looks after the business and administration. During the summer, the team grows with seasonal summer students, who receive on-the-job training. Evan shared that their greatest challenge is hiring workers who fit the values of the company. Evan and Natalie believe that the team they build must put quality first before speed. They stress that their team members need to have integrity, a high attention to detail, and be reliable. Once employees develop the skills required, then the speed will come. They feel it is important for every project to meet the business’ quality standards regardless of how busy they are. As the business continues to grow, the MacVicar’s look forward to sharing more of their quality painting services with East Hants’ residents and businesses.