Press Release – East Hants Provides Clarification on Issuing of Road Permit

(ENFIELD, NS) August 21, 2017 – The Municipality of East Hants offers clarification on recent articles that suggest that the Municipality gave permission for an organized procession to occur on a public Highway #2 in Enfield recently. The organizers, who spoke only of an intended “procession”, contacted the Municipal office. The Municipality referred the party to the Province and the RCMP. The RCMP were also contacted and informed of an intended procession, but no indication that it involved non-registered vehicles or that a road closure (permit required) was to be involved. As everyone is aware, funeral processions occur frequently and do not require a permit as there is no road closure and the vehicles are all licensed for the road.

The Municipality does not have jurisdiction over Provincial roads and does not issue permits or otherwise give permission for parades or other such activities that close a public road. Permits for such use of roads come from the Province. It is the Municipality’s understanding that no permit was issued for the procession held last week in Enfield and the #2 Highway was not closed to traffic. The RCMP responded when public complaints started coming in that non-registered vehicles were on the roads in Enfield. The RCMP agreed to escort the procession down one side of the open road on the understanding that non-registered vehicles were not to be on the road. Further, the RCMP have full jurisdiction to deal with illegal activities such as stunting and dangerous driving and to take action where public safety is of concern, in this case the potential for loss of control of a vehicle and projectiles causing injury to bystanders.

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