PLN21-005 Elmwood Dr, Roulston Dr, and Pinehill Dr, Elmsdale

This application was approved by Council at the May 25, 2022 meeting.


FH Development Group


The Municipality has received an application to enter into a development agreement with the municipality to enable the construction of a residential development with approximately 660 dwelling units.


An application has been received to consider a development agreement for a new comprehensive residential development with a mixture of housing types.  This application is enabled under the planning policies of the Municipal Planning Strategy.  The proposed housing type numbers provided by the applicant are as follows:

 Single Family: 119 119
 Semi-detached 76 152
 Townhouses 12 48
 Multi-unit Residential 2 343
 Total 235 662

A concept plan has been submitted which details the areas where the different dwelling types are proposed.  In addition to new roads and a sidewalk linking to existing residential roads, a 3 meter wide multi-use asphalt trail is proposed to link Elmwood Drive with Roulston Drive.

The applicant has prepared a traffic impact study which has been reviewed by the Nova Scotia Department of Public Works.


The application site consists of three large properties which are located between Elmwood Drive & Vernon Court to the west and Roulston Drive, Pine Hill Drive, Lorna Court & Beech Street to the east.

The land is zoned Two Dwelling Unit Residential (R2) Zone which permits single & two unit dwellings as-of-right.  The land is designated Walkable Comprehensive Development District which enables Council to consider this current application for a comprehensive residential development.

Reports & Documents

Initial Staff Report – April 2021

Initial Multi-Unit Concept Plan

Traffic Impact Study

Second Staff Report – February 2022

Staff Report – April 2022

Amended Concept Plan – May 2022

Amended Multi-Unit Concept Plan – May 2022

Final Staff Report – May 2022

Final Draft Development Agreement – May 2022


For further information please contact Rachel Gilbert, Manager of Planning, 902.883.3387.