PLN20-002 Highway 2, Enfield

This application was refused by Council at the January 27, 2022 Public Hearing meeting.


WM Fares Architect (on behalf of Monk Mobile Corporation Limited and Allison Land Surveys Limited).


To amend the Generalized Future Land Use Map and the Land Use Bylaw Map and to enter into a development agreement with the Municipality.


WM Fares Architects are applying to change the land use designation and zone of PID 45329901, PID 45379864, and PID 45410503, Enfield to Walkable Comprehensive Development District (WCDD) and are applying to enter into a development agreement with the Municipality of East Hants. A total of 18 townhouses and three multiplexes for a total of 198 dwelling units, with one multiplex having commercial space on the ground floor, are proposed for the subject lands.


The site plan shows the extension of Lacy Anne Avenue with three (3) blocks of four (4) townhouses and one semi-detached dwelling with frontage on the proposed street extension. An additional block of four (4) townhouses are proposed to front on White Road. Two (2) multiplexes, with six (6) stories are proposed to front on Highway 2, with the building at the corner of Highway 2 and White Road proposed to have commercial space on the ground floor. Another four (4) story multiplex is proposed to the north of the multiplexes facing Highway 2, for a total of 180 apartment units (198 units including townhouses and the semi-detached). A driveway from Lacy Anne Avenue and White Road will allow for access to the multiplexes, no driveway access from Highway 2 is proposed. An approximate 460 m2 of common outdoor amenity space is proposed to be centrally available for residents living in the multiplexes, in addition each multiplex will be required to have indoor amenity space as well.

The total area of the subject properties is approximately 2.69 hectares. Adjacent property zones include Mixed Use Centre (MC), Two Dwelling Unit Residential (R2), Established Residential Neighbourhood (R1), Multiple Unit Residential (R3), and Open Space (OS). Adjacent property uses include the Ribahi Centre, Corridor Auto Sales, and Avery’s Farm Market across Highway 2 from the subject property; Tot’s Academy adjacent to the subject site; Concorde Way Park (municipally owned playground); and apartment buildings, townhouses, semi-detached dwellings, and single unit dwellings.

Traffic Management

A Traffic Impact Analysis has been completed for the proposal. Nova Scotia Public Works has accepted the study and has requested the following intersection improvements be included in the development agreement.

Intersection improvements are required in consultation with Nova Scotia Public Works:

  1. A signalized intersection is required at the intersection of White Road and Highway 2. The intersection design shall incorporate left turn lanes at the signalized intersection with an access management exercise being conducted in the area along the east side of Highway 2 to improve safety and increase traffic flow for all users. Any proposed access management improvements must be approved by NSPW.
  2. Lacy Anne Avenue shall be extended to Highway 2 and the intersection shall be designed as a right-in/right-out intersection. A curbed raised median on Highway 2 shall be required where the right-in/right-out intersection will be placed to prevent left turns.
  3. An agreement for intersection funding between Nova Scotia Public Works, the Municipality, and the Developers shall be agreed upon prior to the Development Officer issuing a development permit for the Development.

Reports & Documents

Second Staff Report – November 2020
WM Fares Information Sheet
Public Information Meeting Recording – January 5, 2021
Third Staff Report – April 2021
Site Plan – December 2021
Final Staff Report – December 2021
Draft Development Agreement – December 2021
Traffic Impact Analysis


For further information please contact Debbie Uloth, Project Planner, 902-883-3387.


Municipal Trails Closed Effective Immediately