Gail Sloan and Peter MacDougall – Application Summary




Gail Sloan and Peter MacDougall


Request: The Municipality received an application in November 2020 to amend the designation and zone on three properties from Agricultural Reserve (AR) Designation and Zone to Rural Use (RU) Designation and Zone.

The application relates to three properties located along Barr Settlement Road in West Indian Road.  The property identified as PID 45278769 has Agricultural Reserve (AR) designation and zoning applied to the whole of the property.  The other 2 properties, identified as PID 45402567 and PID 45375433, have only a portion of them applied with Agricultural Reserve (AR) designation and zoning.

The purpose of this application is to allow for a non-farm dwelling.  The current zoning for the property identified as PID 45278769 would not allow for a dwelling which isn’t related to a bona fide farm operation.  Farm dwellings may consist of the principal residence of the farm owner; additional farm labour; or family employed on the farm.  Under the Land Use Bylaw, the definition of a ‘Bona Fide Farm’ is an agricultural operation that is actively engaged in farming and earns at least $5,000 per calendar year from agricultural activities on the farm.

The potential buyer is not a farmer or related to a farming operation and therefore under the Land Use Bylaw a non-farm dwelling would not be permitted.

The proposed re-designation and rezoning would enable the non-farm dwelling.

Contact: For further information please contact Rachel Gilbert, Manager of Planning 902.883.3387