East Hants has approximately 20 kilometres of sidewalks that are either asphalt or concrete.  That ownership includes the maintenance of surface condition, mowing grass to edge each side of the sidewalks, and the snow clearing of sidewalks.

During the winter months, municipal sidewalks are cleared and maintained by Elmsdale Landscaping. If you have any snow or ice concerns, please call 902-883-2291.

The majority of sidewalks in East Hants are currently located along Highway #2 and Highway #214.  The Highway #2 sidewalks were originally installed to create pedestrian linkages within and across the higher densely populated areas of the Municipality.  The Highway #214 sidewalks link pedestrians from the residential corridor along Highway #2 to larger commercial and retail areas that exist near Highway #102.

  • Sidewalk Inventory
    • Enfield – 4.700 km
    • Elmsdale – 7.810 km
    • Lantz – 3.950 km
    • Milford – 1.889 km
    • Shubenacadie – 1.650 km

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