Roads – Sidewalks – Streetlights

This division schedules work and manages the contract compliance for maintenance and repairs of municipal roads, sidewalks, and streetlights, which includes 23 kilometers of roads, 20 kilometers of sidewalks, and 1866 streetlights.

This division also oversees the construction validation testing of new infrastructure prior to the municipality taking over the ownership of assets.


Any questions or concerns regarding maintenance for any roads not owned by the Municipality should be directed to Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.


East Hants owns approximately 23 kms of roads, which is the growth of all residential roads since 1996.  That ownership includes the maintenance of the road surface, curbing, and drainage ditches in the right of way. It also includes road access approvals and snow clearing through a service exchange with the Province.

Reminder:  Open and clear ditches and culverts are essential to proper drainage of storm water from winter thawing.  Please do not place snow in the ditches when clearing your driveways.  As well, homeowners are responsible to ensure driveway culverts are kept open and clear.  Thank you for your assistance.


East Hants has approximately 20 kms of sidewalks that are either asphalt or concrete.  That ownership includes the maintenance of surface condition, mowing grass to edge each side of the sidewalks, and the snow clearing of sidewalks.

The majority of sidewalks in East Hants are currently located along Highway #2 and Highway #214.  The Highway #2 sidewalks were originally installed to create pedestrian linkages within and across the higher densely populated areas of the Municipality.  The Highway #214 sidewalks link pedestrians from the residential corridor along Highway #2 to larger commercial and retail areas that exist near Highway #102.

  • Sidewalk Inventory
    • Enfield – 4.700 km
    • Elmsdale – 7.810 km
    • Lantz – 3.950 km
    • Milford – 1.889 km
    • Shubenacadie – 1.650 km


East Hants uses LED streetlights to increase visibility for road safety.  There are 1866 municipal streetlights within East Hants.  Streetlights are added either within a service boundary through request form or to address a specific safety need.

For further information on streetlights or to report a light outage, please contact us at