Obtaining Property Tax Information

Tax Bills

Spring (Interim) Bill – Mailed in early April, Due June 1.

The spring (interim) bill provides a property description and an account balance.

  • Generally, it is calculated at half of last year’s final bill.
  • If your bank pays your tax bill on your behalf, you will not be mailed a spring (interim bill).

Final Bill – Mailed early August, Due October 1.

The final bill has taxable assessment information, general taxes levied by the municipality, area rates charged on the account local improvement charges (if applicable), and account balance information.

How to get a Tax Bill

Mailed or Emailed

  • Spring (Interim) Bills will be mailed to the address we have on file unless a financial institution pays the bill on the property owners behalf
  • Final bills will be mailed to all property owners, to the address on file

Tax Bill Reprints

If you require a reprint of your bill, the cost will be $10 per reprint.

Tax Certificates

A Tax Certificate provides certified current tax account information.

  • This is the document usually required when renewing or applying for a mortgage or for the closing of a property sale
  • The cost is $60
  • Request a Tax Certificate

Tax Account Statements

A Tax Account Statement provides a historical look at your account information (bills & payments to your account) as well as an up to date balance.

Seniors Tax Rebate Program

East Hants has joined a new electronic property tax verification initiative as part of the Nova Scotia Property Tax Rebate for Seniors program. Residents no longer need to contact the Municipality to verify their property tax has been paid, instead, the province contacts the Municipality directly to verify property tax payments. Residents simply need to submit their application to the province and they will take care of verification from there. This streamlined process enables the province to get the rebate into the hands of applicants faster. Learn more here

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