East Hants Emergency Management

Emergency Management Plan

East Hants has an Emergency Management Plan. The Plan looks at prevention, preparation, response and recovery efforts that would be required in the event of an emergency or disaster. The Emergency Management Plan  includes an active Emergency Management Committee, Bylaw P-200 Emergency Management Bylaw, a fully equipped Emergency Coordination Centre and trained Incident Command System (ICS) staff.

East Hants Emergency Management Organization (EMO)

In the event of a State of Emergency or Local State of Emergency, East Hants works with emergency responders and other government agencies through the East Hants Emergency Management Organization. Its purpose is to protect the lives of people, reduce the chances of damage to property, and reduce the loss of essential services in East Hants at the time of an emergency. The East Hants Emergency Management Organization is made up of stakeholders from various organizations such as:

EMO Responsibilities

Our EMO Planning Committee meets on a quarterly basis throughout the year. At our meetings, we focus on contingency planning. This involves thinking about what kinds of emergencies could happen in East Hants, and figuring out who would have to do what to minimize the impact. We also continually review our emergency plan to make updates and improvements.

Emergency Management Coordinator

Kelly Ash is the Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) for East Hants. The EMC’s job is to liaise with EMO Nova Scotia and conduct training throughout the Municipality.

Telephone:  902-883-7098 ext. 125

Emergency Preparedness Resources


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