Strategic Plan

Building a Vibrant Municipality

Purpose of the Plan

Council’s responsibility includes determination of the strategic direction of the Municipality. Like all strategic plans, it is the roadmap for the community. It identifies what our community will be like, what services and programs will be provided and what values the organization will embrace in our efforts to meet our ultimate vision. This document guides all Municipal initiatives to ensure the Municipality is mission successful.


The Strategic Plan contains Council’s ultimate vision for our community, or quite simply “what” we are trying to achieve. The mission statement outlines “how” we are going to get there and is supported by four key strategies to be pursued. These key strategies include: Infrastructure Renewal, Corporate Excellence, Strong Community and Economic Prosperity.

Within each of these Key Strategies, Council identifies a goal and objectives to be pursued. With these goals and objectives in mind, staff place a draft operational and capital budget in front of Council each year. Council ultimately adopts a budget which outlines initiatives that will assist to achieve these goals and objectives. A measurement system throughout the year helps us understand how well we are doing.

Our Annual Reports outline our achievements as they relate to goals in the Strategic Plan.

In addition to the mission statement and key strategies, as supported by goals and objectives the Plan further addresses the “how” by outlining Organizational Values, which direct the way staff and Council make decisions and Core Values, which outlines the values that the organization lives, breathes and reflects in all activities. The Core and Organizational values directly impact the stakeholder experience in their dealings with the Municipality.


Municipal elections were held in the fall of 2016, following a 4 year cycle of elections. With each new Council comes the responsibility to adopt an updated Strategic Plan. The newly elected Council adopted a new Strategic Plan on June 28, 2017. The Plan’s vision is a modified version, yet captures a consistent theme of being a preferred place to live, work and play. The mission continues to focus on being innovative and sustainable while offering excellence in service.

>>Read the full Strategic Plan (pdf)


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