Document and Report Centre

Strategic Plan

Building a Vibrant Municipality Purpose of the Plan Council’s responsibility includes determination of the strategic direction of the Municipality. Like all strategic plans, it is the roadmap for the community.… Full story

Recreation Plans

The Municipality of East Hants is developing an overall framework to guide the development, delivery, and continuous improvement of parks, recreation & culture programs and services for the next 20… Full story

East Hants Source Water Protection Plans

A source water protection plan is an approach to water resource protection. The goal of a Plan is to protect the source water supply area while considering the social and… Full story

RCMP Quarterly Reports

East Hants District RCMP works under the municipal policing mandate to ensure East Hants continues to be a safe place. The RCMP reports quarterly to the Police Advisory Committee consisting… Full story

Statistical Reports

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Financial Information

East Hants reports on corporate performance and finance in a variety of ways each year.  Annual publications include: Municipal & Water Utility Operating Budgets; Department Business Plans; 5 Year Capital Budget… Full story

Economic Reports and Publications

The Economic and Business Development Department produces reports and publications related to the East Hants economy. These documents represent data, statistics, research, information and studies on East Hants and surrounding… Full story