Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Accessibility Advisory Committee is made up of five public members and two Councillors. The committee will meet approximately 2-4 times a year, generally in the evening. This committee is actively seeking new members, with priority being given to persons with a disability or representatives from organizations representing persons with disabilities.


Accessibile East Hants | Accessibility Plan 2021

Accessibility Plan and Committee Terms of Reference

Nova Scotia Accessibility Directorate



In September 2017, the Province of Nova Scotia created the Accessibility Act.  The Act requires municipalities to form an Accessibility Advisory Committee and to prepare an accessibility plan.  The East Hants Accessibility Advisory Committee was formed and Council approved the accessibility plan – Accessible East Hants in May 2021.

Accessible East Hants addresses accessibility related to municipal services, buildings and infrastructure.


For more information:

Rachel Gilbert, Manager of Planning


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