Bylaw Enforcement

The Bylaw Enforcement Division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Municipality’s Bylaws. All information provided to the Municipality is subject to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation (FOIPOP) and legal disclosure. During the investigation, your information is kept confidential. However, if the matter proceeds to prosecution, all information relating to the investigation, including the identity of complainants and witnesses must be shared with the defense.

Dangerous or Unsightly Premises

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires that “every property in the municipality shall be maintained so as not to be dangerous or unsightly.” To report a dangerous or unsightly property you must submit a complaint form:


Illegal Dumping

Report illegal dumping online.

Dog Control

More information is available on Dog Control services.

* Please note: An online or written complaint must be received prior to any action being taken. 


Aquatic Centre Closure