Goodwill and Good Times Growing in East Hants

March 19, 2024

Good Robot Brewing Co., known for its quirky beverages and branding, relocated its manufacturing from its Halifax brewery to the Elmsdale Business Park in early 2022.

Brewing Values

Co-founders, Angus Campbell, Doug Kehoe and Joshua Counsil, started the “good-time beer company” in 2015. Humor and quirkiness are key components of Good Robot’s brand. The co-owners often refer to themselves as misfits and dubbed the business as “Halifax’s most questionable brewery and taproom”. Good Robot focuses its values on good times, good nature and goodwill. The brewery has implemented a Goodwill Partnership Program, which provides funds to local non-profit organizations to further their initiatives in community. Marketing Manager, Lindsey Davidson, commented “Giving back, providing places for everyone to come and have a good time, and the opportunity to grow together with the local community are very important to Good Robot”.

In addition to Good Robot’s commitment to the community, the business is also committed to its social and environmental responsibility.  The new manufacturing facility contains several pieces of world-class equipment, which drastically reduced waste and improved its green footprint. Good Robot’s staff of 15 at the Elmsdale location and around 60 in total, bring over 66 years of brewing experience. They are sharing this knowledge and experience with other businesses by offering contract brewing services. This includes brewing and/or packaging alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for other businesses on a contract basis.  This can enable other businesses access to equipment, processes, and experience that they might not have otherwise.

Growing in East Hants

When Good Robot started looking to expand, the Elmsdale Business Park’s location next to Highway 102 and its easy transportation access made it the top logistical choice for the business, but it was the East Hants’ community and people that really made the difference for the business in choosing their new location. East Hants provided the right mix of community, people, and opportunity. Now with full production underway, their larger and more efficient manufacturing facility has enabled the business to expand its product offering and produces the volume to share their beverages with distributors as far west as Alberta, with plans to further expand into new markets.

For the East Hants community, Good Robot was excited to open its beer garden over the summer, where they partnered with local food providers to create a place for the community to come and enjoy. In addition, a local retail store, offering direct sales to customers, is currently under construction at their Elmsdale Business Park facility, with hopes of being open before the holiday season.