Places to Play

There are so many places to play in East Hants!  

Lions Den – Directions

Dot Buchanan Park run by the Enfield, Elmsdale & District Lions Club has a playground, baseball diamond, soccer fields, volleyball court, and an indoor facility.

Hants North Sports Fields  – Directions

Playground and multi-purpose court including tennis, basketball and beach volleyball.

Elmwood Park – Directions

Playground, multi-purpose court, open field area and green gym exercise equipment.

Elmsdale Veterans Memorial Park – Directions

Playground and picnic facilities.

East Hants Playground

Visit a playground in East Hants for some great family fun!

Royal Oaks Natural Playground – Directions

Natural Playground, playing field.

Lantz Playground Park – Directions

Playground, Multi-purpose Court, mini soccer pitch.

Milford Recreation Park – Directions

Skatepark, multi-purpose court and playing fields.

Mount Uniacke  Memorial Community Park – Directions

Playground, multi-purpose court and green gym exercise equipment.

Nine Mile Community Hall – Directions

Playground, multi-purpose court playing field.

Noel Multi-Purpose Court – Directions

Concorde Way Playground – Directions

South Uniacke Playground – Directions

Playground and basketball court.


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